Stinger P9T

Easy to Use, Good Accuracy and High Mag Capacity


Skirmishing is only fun and exciting as long as you play with a loyal airsoft gun. And with that in mind, today we are on a mission to get you hooked with one by starting off with a review of the Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit.

So, will the Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit worth your hard-earned money, or is it just another one of your bogus BB guns? We will find out soon, keep reading.

The Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit at a glance

stinger p9t airsoft pistol review

The first, and probably the best, about this airsoft pistol is that it doesn’t come alone. You are getting an entire and complete kit! This means you will not have to run around from store to store trying to find the BBs, and other accessories to go with it. You get ammo and a holster to complement the Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol.

In addition to this, the main centerpiece, the BB gun, is probably one of the realest and best replicas we have seen and reviewed so far. It measures 8 inches in overall length, and weighs 0.84 pounds giving it a real and authentic pistol-like feel. And the gorgeous holster is only doing more to amp up the experience. Let’s look at its main features now.

We have talked about the product a bit in our airsoft pistol guide but it is time to look at the features in details.


The Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit is spring-powered, which is always good in our book since these types of arms are always easier to use.

First, they are safer than most other-powered pistols due to the cock-and-shoot style which give a few moments of rest before firing. And we all know how crucial this few seconds are in the world of shooting. You can set you to aim better and use a few seconds to rethink an initiative; in other words, it is the smarter way to play especially if you are an inexperienced player. Second, spring-powered pistols have the least number of breakable parts, which makes it more durable and fuss-free.

There is a drawback to spring-powered guns, however. Because it works on a cock and shoot mechanism, you will not be able to fire constantly in a row. You will have to cock back the slide for every BB you want to shoot, and this takes more effort and time. Now, we know we said it favor the safety and aim of newbies, but it may not be appealing to expert players to want to expect swift action.

BB pellets

The BBs used in the Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol are plastic 0.12g and yellow BBs. They are already included in your kits and come in a trial pack, which is a lifesaver since you do not have to test out a million BBs.

The BBs are shot through a 6 mm caliber and offers you shooting velocities up to 275 fps (feet per second). Not the best we have seen, but definitely not bad either! The fps, you could say, falls somewhere in between and medium-ish in the speed spectrum. Furthermore, you have the magazine, which accommodates up to 15 BBs.


You know already how reliable spring-powered guns already are, but you can’t always rely on that. The Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol is made out of synthetic hard composite plastic material for added strength. The lower body of the pistol is a nutty brown color while the top half is left black.

Now, here’s the problem: despite such committed build and construction, the Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol has incurred its shares of disappointed customers who have complained about it breaking or cracking easily. Moving on.. . .

Then you have the holster which is a personal favorite of ours. It is made from soft, corduroy fabric and has a Velcro thumb break for easier access.

And finally, you have your sturdy Picatinny rail which is acts as an attachment holder for your many add-ons like laser, flashlight and safety goggles.


  • The Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol comes with kit with complementary ammo and a holster
  • Offers a moderate shooting velocity
  • Easy to use
  • Looks and feels real
  • Safer and more durable
  • Good accuracy
  • High mag capacity


  • Has tendencies to break or crack easily
  • Shots are the most power packed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

stinger p9t airsoft pistol kit best

  1. How easy is it to cock the slide back on the Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol?

Answer: Pretty smoothly, we’d say. In fact, it slides bacj very easily and quickly, making sure you do not spend too much time preparing for your next firing. And the great part is that, you do not lose accuracy and aim sliding it back since it’s so smooth and easy!

  1. Can I load metal BBs into the Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol instead of its plastic ones?

Answer: No, unfortunately you can’t. And more importantly, you shouldn’t. Its barrel and spring complement plastic BBs only. You may end up costing the whole gun if you try metals BBs since they are too heavy.


The Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit is everything you need to get started, and more. It is a great arsenal for beginner and inexperienced shooters thanks to its safe and durable spring-powered mechanism. We wouldn’t however deem it the best BB gun just yet. First, it tends to break easily and second, the shots aren’t as intense as we’d would like them to be. However, we don’t think these problems are to dramatic to be a deal-breaker. In fact, they are most common in BB weapons. Overall, the Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol is a wholesome, substantial and relatively powerful BB kit so there’s no reason to not recommend it. It’s a satisfactory buy, in other words.

And with this, marks the end of our review of the Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit. We hope you learned a great deal about the product, and see the product for what it really is. Choose wisely, good luck!