Daisy Powerline 340

Great for Beginners, Good Shooting Velocity and High Capacity Magazine

Are you looking for an airsoft gun? Yes, you are or else you wouldn’t be here, would you? And let us just begin by saying that you have stumbled upon the perfect article on the internet today because we have some good news for you since we will review the Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol.

Have a go at our review and find out if the Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol has what it takes to be your next BB gun. We will uncover every feature, every little detail to put forward the most honest and a picture of the product for you to judge. Let’s start the investigation, shall we? Remember? We have already talked about the Daisy Powerline in our airsoft pistol review article!

Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol at first sight

We all know the wonders of airsoft pistols, but the truth is that they lack behind in term of realism and hand-feel most of the times. The Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol, however, has its game spot on.

In fact, the Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol comes to you in all black and has a very rugged and buffed look to it. It measures 11 x 2 x 8 inches in dimensions has a good weighty body too. As you can guess already, the Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol offers you a very real experience due to its perfectly sized body and weight.


The Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol is spring-powered, meaning you get can as lazy and slow with this pistol as you please. Why?

Spring-powered guns will have you cock the slide back for every BB shot. In other words, you cannot shoot or fire at a row without pulling back the slide each time. This short few seconds of ease is great for focusing on your aim and accuracy. Furthermore, spring-powered pistols are the safest for the former reason as well, have the least number of breakable parts and is very durable too. All these attributes make the spring-powered gun very appealing and ideal for newbies and inexperienced users. However, experts also indulge in the many benefits of a spring-powered gun.

On the contrary, these types of weapons tend to be slow since you lose some time pulling back the slide. And to add to that, you may lose your aim due to the constant slide-pulling.

BB pellets

BBs are those small pellets you use to fire from the barrel. In the airsoft world, these are the bullet for your pistol, and they are very important since they decide the quality of your entire experience.

The Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol uses a 200-shot BB reservoir with a 13-shot speed load clip. They are shot from .177 or 4.5 mm caliber barrel and can offer you a good shooting velocity of 240 fps (feet per second).

Speaking of speed, we need to cover some distance too, right? Well, the Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol gives you good coverage of about 100 yards, which is okay for the fps. But you can probably guess from the numbers that this isn’t the most powerful BB gun you will ever use.


The fact that the Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol is a spring-powered gun ensures its durability from most other-powered airsoft guns.

However, it still has quality construction that further promises a long life span. First, the body is uses synthetic and imported hard plastic. It looks pretty real. In addition, to make it feel real too (and for the performance of course), the barrel is made entirely out of metal.

Despite all the construction credential and so on, we did still come across a few complains of it breaking way too soon. Let’s just hope those instances were just a stir of luck and nothing more!



  • The Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol looks and feels real
  • Is spring-powered; great for learners and beginners
  • Good shooting velocity
  • High capacity magazine
  • Has a 200-shot BB reservoir


  • Not the most power packed or accurate BB gun
  • Breaks easily

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How does the reservoir work on the Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol? Explain please.

Answer: The speed load clip is on the grip. After you load the BBs into the reservoir, all you have to do is pull the speed load clip tab all the way out, shake the pistol and push the tab back into the reload the speed load clip without taking out the magazine. Simple!

However, if you are still confused, then you can check out some YouTube videos on it.

  1. For a more powerful shot, can I cock the slide more than once for one shot?

Answer: No, you can’t. I mean you could but it wouldn’t make the shot any more powerful or accurate, whatsoever. You get one shot for each pull.

And mind you, you may compromise the accuracy of your shots if you keep cocking the slide.


The Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol is a great piece of airsoft weapon, for sure. While we do admit that it isn’t perfect in any way, but then again, nothing is. And because the flaws are somewhat inevitable and given with airsoft weapons, we can’t hold it against the pistol too much. And anyway, the Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol is probably the best BB gun you are going to get for the price. It is easy to use, safe, affordable and very reliable; not the best but definitely not a throwaway. In conclusion, we recommend it.

This concludes our review of the Daisy powerline 340 BB spring air pistol. We hope you enjoyed and benefited from reading our review enough to make the best purchasing decision about it. Choose wisely, and good luck!