How to improve airsoft pistol accuracy? Obviously, like any other similar games (if you consider this a game), you can improve your skills to make sure that the result is even more extreme and better. This article is all about that. In this article, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know to improve your airsoft pistol accuracy.

The way that an airsoft pistol works is very different than a regular pistol. Therefore, you need to go according to a perfect plan to make sure that you end up improving your skills. Otherwise, you will only waste bullets and nothing else are going to happen.

Now, before we start, we want to tell you that most people end up not improving their airsoft pistol skills because they think it is too easy. It is not difficult but knowing how to improve airsoft pistol accuracy is not enough. You have to actually practice and improve yourself. Bookish knowledge is not going to make you a better shooter, that’s for sure.

Anyway, let’s dive into the actual methods that you can use to improve your accuracy level.


How to improve Airsoft Pistol Accuracy Infographic



How to Improve Airsoft Pistol Accuracy?

Now, before we get into the details of how to improve your airsoft pistol accuracy, it is important to get rid of the misconceptions first. Misconceptions kill a lot of good work and effort at times. Therefore, we want to get rid of them right away before moving too far ahead.

1. Tighter bore

The first misconception among people is the fact that a tighter bore is always better which is not necessarily true. A tighter bore is far different from being something good. This is one of those misconceptions that someone said at some point and then got picked up. You can forget about it from now on.

2. Higher FPS

The next one that you want to get rid of is the fact that higher FPS doesn’t always mean that the range will be better too. You cannot really depend on only FPS and make a speculation about whether the range will be better or not. Remember, when you are on the real field, you only got one shot and then the subject will get notified about your existence. It is far from being the right time to go for FPS measurements.

3. Brand shops

Now, this is probably the biggest one of them all. There is a common misconfusion that if you buy from brand shops and if the parts of your airsoft pistol are branded then you will get better results. This is very far from being the truth.

When you are buying from branded shops, the only benefit that you are going to have is the ability to get better customer support whenever you need it. Also, obviously, a better pistol is a better pistol whether it is from a big brand or from a small one. When you are buying the main pistol, we recommend that you go for a good branded shop but that doesn’t have to be the case when you are buying different parts. The parts can be bought from anywhere that is convenient and of good quality.

4. Longer barrel

Another confusion that we see among people is the question that whether going for long barrel is going to benefit for range and accuracy. Where it depends on a lot of other factors too, the short answer is going to be a big no. Longer barrel or lucrative design does not translate into better range and accuracy and you have to always keep that in mind especially when you are shopping for the airsoft pistols.

5. Silencer

Another very common mistake is related to the silencers. Many think that silencers work fine for airsoft pistols which is not really the case. Silencer will effect your pistol but it will then change the range and accuracy. It is a tough call. Basically, a pistol’s range and accuracy will vary widely whenever you install a silencer in it. You have to understand that.

So, there are two different things that we will be talking about in this article. We will talk about improving the range and we will also focus on improving the accuracy. They both are equally important and kind of works hand in hand to produce the best results.

Let’s talk about the range first.

How to Improve Range?

Now, how do we improve the range with our airsoft pistols? The first thing that you need to understand is that the range is not going to exceed too much compared to the promised range of your pistol when you are buying it. Therefore, if you want to play with big ranges, you have to think of that before you are buying the unit. However, it is very common that pistols do not perform up to the full range scenario as there are always obstacles around us including wind and similar objects.

Therefore, we can do a few things to improve the range situation of our pistols. If we can’t do too much, we can at least make sure that the range is at least matching to the promised one that we got when we bought the pistol, right? Here’s another thing before we forget. You should always reduce a few meters from the promised one in the features when you are buying a pistol. Though companies don’t lie, there are just too many obstacles which doesn’t let the pistol work in full force.

Now, what would we need?

1. Air seal

The first thing that we need is an air seal. What is the task of an air seal? It does exactly what the name suggests. It makes sure that no air is being leaked from different areas of your pistol. You have to understand the fact that the main power of your pistol comes from air and there is a reason that why they are called airsoft pistol, right?

Now, with the help of a good air seal, you will be able to maximize your power with the shot as no air will go missing when you are shooting. The air power will be constant which will result in better ranges.

2. R-hop

The next thing that you need is a R-Hop or at least a hop up chamber. What is a hop-up system? It is basically the back spin which is used to increase the range of your airsoft pistol with the help of Magnus effect. We won’t dive into physics here but what it basically does is making sure that the air pressure is not on the top area but at the perfect barrel areas.  A R-Hop can actually make a big difference as it can go ahead and produce up to 120,000 revolutions per minute. That is a big number but the good news is that most Hop will allow you to adjust the resolution up to your requirements.

So basically, here’s the physics behind all these. There is always a layer of air that is not moving at the upper area of your airsoft pistol. This is a problem because you want air to move forward when you are trying to shot right? When the upper layer of the air doesn’t move, it creates a friction and slows down all the air inside. R-Hop is used to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

3. Tight bore barrel

The next thing that you should think about is a tight bore barrel. You have to have a tight bore barrel if you want to increase your range. There are a few popular ones in the market including a few from Tightbore but it is really up to you to decide what do you want to go for. Tightbore makes sure that you can hit your target with more ease. We have seen people who used to shot with rear sight to hit their targets. Suddenly, they have started using tight bore and they didn’t use the rear sight anymore. They were good enough to hit targets anyways. This definitely proves that there is a big shift in terms of both accuracy and range when you are using a good tight bore.

How to Improve Accuracy?

Now, we have discussed enough about how you can improve the range of your airsoft pistol. Obviously, range is not enough. Range will only take your bullet to a certain amount of meters but there is no guarantee that you will end up hitting your target right? In fact, the worst case scenario would be the fact that your target will know what you are trying to do and will run away.

Obviously, we all know that improving accuracy is a lot difficult than improving your range. In this section of the article, we are going to look at a few methods of improving the accuracy of your airsoft pistol.

Now, before we get into tips and strategies, it is important to know that every gun is different and they work differently with every instructions. Therefore, this is not going to be a bible for your gun too. You have to test and figure out the perfect settings on your own.

1. High powered spring

The first thing that you will need is a high powered spring. A high powererd spring is going to help you get better accuracy indirectly. What this will do is making sur ethat the BB is not blowing in the wind which means that you will be able to keep your bullet at the perfect area. Wind is undoubtedly one of the biggest emenies of an airsoft pistol user. If you can have a tool to fight against wind, you should take it.

The way it works is pretty simple. It puts a spring in the AEG area and it is on the outer side which means that you now have the option to expand or improve the spring further in future if you want to do so. However, upgrading is difficult once you get accustomed to the usage of spring and the weight of your pistol with your spring.

Therefore, if you ask me, I would tell you that you should go for a high quality spring at the first go so that you do not have to upgrade again later. This is going to reduce your accuracy for a short period of time as you will have to get accustomed to the new spring once again.

2. Tighten the inner barrel 

Now, it is time to figure out the ideal and original length of the inner barrel that you got. A pistol will also have an outer barrel but inner barrels are always more important. If you can somehow tighten the inner barrel (there are tools for that) then you will magically be seeing improvements in your accuracy. The science behind this is very simple.

There is a fixed amount of air inside your airsoft pistol and when you manage to shrink the barrel even a bit, the air gets even more pressurized which will definitely work in your favor in hitting the right target.

3. Practicing

Now these were all technical terms. If you want to actually know how to improve airsoft pistol accuracy, you have to do one thing and one thing only. It is practice. However clichey it sounds, there is no substitutes of practicing and if you practice hard enough, you will know how to shoot in what situation.

Also, you should start practicing on different scenario. Do not only practice at the backend of your home where the wind is stable. Go above to a small mountain or to the roof of your home and try practicing for a few times. Do not just keep shooting but try to figure out what is happening when you are shooting. Take sand and understand the way air moves and effects your shooting abilities. The best of the airsoft gun shooters have always been super educated on air. They immediately can figure out whether they can hit a target or not before even touching the pistol. That should be your goal too. A good shooter only shoots when he knows he will hit the target. Be that person.