Firepower .45 Metal Slide

Great for Beginners, Impressive Speed and Good Magazine Capacity

Airsoft guns are the topic of discussion today, and you have clicked yourself into the perfect place if you have been thinking about buying one. How come? Because today we will review the Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol for you.

Before you blindly rely on word of the mouth and jump right into the purchase, take a few minutes out of your day to read our take on the Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol. We will drill down every feature and every flaw, and give you the most detailed look into this product so that you know what you are paying for. Enough yapping, let’s get right to it!

The Firepower .45 Metal Slide Airsoft Pistol Review

We have already talked about this unit in our mega airsoft pistol guide! This airsoft pistol is your perfect playmate for airsoft games. Whatever your final decision may be, the Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol will definitely not disappoint you since it feels every bit real as it looks.

In fact, this monster of a pistol measures a good 8.5 inches in length and weighs in at around 1.4 pounds. We personally think this stocky weight and size is a universal match for every hand and is probably the best and safest bet for beginners and learners. Not too light, nor too heavy; we like that.

Features of The Firepower .45 Metal Airsoft Pistol!


The Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol is spring-powered, making it that much more appealing for entry-level users.

Furthermore, spring-powered air guns are also one of the safest out of the lot. How? Well, first of all, spring-powered pistols need to cocked every time you want to pull the trigger to shoot the BBs. This means more control over the BBs as well as your aim. These guns have the least amount of parts that are vulnerable to breaking and are thus super durable.

There is a problem, however. Shooting is often slow since you have to cock the slid back every time. Second, your level of accuracy may drop since you lose the strong grip and hold every time you pull back the slide. And one particular complaint we have come across again and again about the Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol is that it jams way too often. Don’t know if that is going to work out too well.. . .

BB pellets

The Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol has a 4-inch long barrel with a 6 mm caliber. Besides that, the magazine can accommodate up 12 BBs.

And you will be using 0.12g BBs through them. One great thing with the Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol is that its includes 2000 BBs with the purchase (along with a user manual) which means you do not have to purchase them separately nor run around from store to store trying to find the perfect match for the barrel.

Speed and Distance

In addition to that, the Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol offers you a very impressive shooting velocity of 328 fps (feet per second). Moreover, it features the BAXS hop-up system to give you an even better range.

One quick detail that may help a few people is that the Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol has a low to medium loudness when you pull the trigger. This may be particularly useful for people who want to scare away wild animals out of a property.


The fact that the Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol is a spring-powered weapon is a certificate vouching for its durability enough.

However, to add that, it is constructed out of high quality and hard ABS plastic which promises to survive the rough handling it has coming quite well actually. On the contrary, the barrel of the Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol is entirely metal which gives it some character and weight making it so much for realistic and comfortable to use!

Nevertheless, we did come across a few user experiences where it the Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol gave up too easily. The construction is top notch, no doubt, but was all those complaints just a bad-luck-coincidence? Hmm.. .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How good is the Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol for an inexperienced newbie for skirmishing?

Answer: Quite good, actually. In fact, we say it is probably the best starter pistol for beginners since it is spring-powered. This means to control, safer, and least complexities. Furthermore, it is more quite durable so it should last through the impacts it has coming.

  1. Can I removed or detach the orange tip?

Answer: No, you can’t apparently since it is pretty well attached to the barrel of the pistol. If it is bothering you too much, you could spray paint on top of it. However, we do recommend letting it be as is since it is a matter of safety at the end of the day.


  • The Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol looks and feels like a real pistol
  • Is spring-powered; great for beginners
  • Comes with BBs and a manual
  • Impressive speed and coverage
  • Good magazine capacity


  • Lack behind on accuracy by a tad bit
  • Jams frequently
  • Breaks easily


And this wraps up our review of the Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol for now. So far, through our review, we definitely are a believer that the Firepower .45 metal slide airsoft pistol is an amazing airsoft weapon. And we get the guts to say this even after assessing the cons because little do you know that those problems are VERY common in airsoft arms. Sad, but true. But the bottom line as sees it is that this pistol is giving us way more than what we paid for it, in value. So, in conclusion, we say go for it. It won’t last forever, but you’ll enjoy using it while it does. Recommended.

Hope you enjoyed reading along so far, and don’t forget to check out the product click for more details. See you next time!