The Crosman Stinger P311 

Spring-powered, Offers Great Shooting Velocity and Is Very Quiet

We have been getting heaps of requests for the Crosman stinger p311 Airsoft Pistol lately so we decided to get check out what all the buzz in about on our article today.

If you were looking into the Crosman stinger p311 Airsoft Pistol, then you just lucked in today. We will crack down every feature, every function and cover the smallest of details to make sure you see this product for what it REALLY is. We have a lot to cover so let’s not waste any more time and get right to it then!

Let’s have a quick look at the features of the product! We have also talked about it a bit in our best airsoft pistol review guide.

Crosman Stinger p311 Airsoft Pistol at a Glance

At first sight, one could easily tell that the Crosman stinger p311 Airsoft Pistol going to be a substantial airsoft weapon.

It has a good length of 9 inches and weighs 1.1 pounds, which means you will be able to enjoy this pistol with the same realism of a real pistol (minus the bullet, of course). The pistol has a great hand-feel and does an excellent job providing comfort and confidence to the user.

One thing that specifically caught our attention was probably its look. It looks terribly like a real, powerful and aged pistol. Needless to say, anyone who is picky about their BB guns looking real, will love the Crosman stinger p311 Airsoft Pistol since it is as close to the real stuff as it can get!


If you are looking for a start BB gun, then this is it. In fact, the Crosman stinger p311 Airsoft Pistol is probably the best choice for it since it is spring-powered. What makes spring-powered great?

First, they aren’t the most demanding of weapons since they are relatively less powerful than gas or electric-powered pistols. However, we wouldn’t be put off right away if we were you. Spring powered pistols are safer than the rest due to its slide, which you must cock every time you want to shoot. This gives you more time to focus and think. You won’t be firing away like an idiot, basically.

In addition to that, spring-powered pistols are also more durable since they comprise of the least number of parts which are prone to breaking or cracking. For these few reasons, these types of airsoft pistols are in fact, also favored by experienced users!

Keep in mind, however, that this type of guns does slow down the action due to the constant pulling on the slide, and may eventually cost you your accuracy and aim. In addition this, we also came across a few consumer complaints about the pistol jamming and getting stuck.

BB Pellets

BBs are the very essence of an airsoft pistol. These small pellets decide are a lot it terms of powerful and accurate shot, and eventually your whole experience with the gun.

The BBs of the Crosman stinger p311 Airsoft Pistol are shot from a 6 mm caliber barrel. Furthermore, the magazine can hold 12 BBs. One complaint we had with the magazine is that it releases all the BBs once you open it. Weird, and disappointing. The great thing, however, is that you can and test several weights of BBs with this pistol to find your favorite match; 0.12g and 0.20g are most preferred by users.

FPS (feet per second)

In addition to that, the Crosman stinger p311 Airsoft Pistol offers you shooting velocities of up to a staggering 325 fps (feet per second). Choose the right BB and you may go even faster and further!


  • The Crosman stinger p311 Airsoft Pistol feels like real pistols; great hand-feel
  • Is spring-powered; safer, more durable and easy to use and is thus, great for beginners
  • You can test it with several types of BBs
  • Offers great shooting velocity
  • Is very quiet
  • Look very real


  • The magazine tends to malfunction
  • Has a tendency to jam frequently

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which weight of BB would your recommend out of 0.12g and 0.20g for the Crosman stinger p311 Airsoft Pistol?

Answer: Glad you asked that, but we don’t there any definitive answer for that since each weight brings a different result to the table. 0.12g BB is lighter and will thus give you a better coverage and higher speeds. Whereas, the .20g will offer you more accuracy and powerful shots.

We recommend you test out both BBs, in fact test out a few other BBs as well. You never know which kind may work best for your gun unless you try it!

  1. Will the Crosman stinger p311 Airsoft Pistol be good enough to scare away wild animals?

Answer: Well, it depends on how you are using it. If you are relying on the sound and noise power of this pistol, then it may disappoint you since it too quiet to scare away wild intruders

P.S. most people like a quiet shot, just so you know.

However, if you aim and shoot at them with the BBs, then, of course, you will be able to scare them away successfully.

Final Words

Our review of the Crosman stinger p311 Airsoft Pistol brings us to acknowledge that this arm is definitely one of the better BB guns you can buy if you are in a pinch. It offers a lot of value than what you pay for it. However, it comes with its own sets o a problem as well. And, the malfunction magazine is more than enough to break the deal for us since it dramatically affect the quality of the user experience with this thing. It is a great BB gun, but it’s not making the cut for us. In other words, we wouldn’t recommend it. Look somewhere else.

This concludes our review of the Crosman stinger p311 Airsoft Pistol. We hope you learned a great deal from it to make some smart decisions about the product. Your judgemet is the ultimate judgement, after all. Good Luck!